Spring Breakers

@ SchwuZ

Spring Breakers

May 24, 2019

Rollbergstr. 26 12053

Fresh Faces for SchwuZ House: Sue_Wet_1 Xavier J Kasey Riot Marlon Marquis de Shade BenRush Pop: Sony Straight - DJ dj pendej* MisterMoustache Fixie Fate Rosetta Brown Mudi Alshami Absinthia Absolut Eintritt: 8 Euro vor Mitternacht/9 Euro nach Mitternacht Twinkle, Twinkle little stars – once again we’re getting ready to throw glitter or shade at Spring Breakers – fresh faces for SchwuZ! A selection of promising new djs will be spicing up the mix. Come and join us when we experience an exciting new vibe at our club! Come and join us when the offspring erupts into full-blown supernovas!